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8th grade graduation May 30th

8th Grade Graduation:

We are excited to announce that 8th grade graduation will take place on May 30 at Hoffman Estates High School.  More details will be provided as we get closer to the date.  Beginning third trimester, all 8th graders must complete all assignments in order to participate in various events and to walk graduation.

Board policy states, “In order for eighth (8th) grade students to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, all academic assignments must be completed by the student.”

Chromebook Reminder

Chromebooks:  Please make sure your child is charging their chromebooks each evening.   There have been an increase of students not being prepared in their classrooms due to low batteries.

Cell Phone Reminder

Cell Phones:  Please remind students that cell phones must be turned off and put into lockers at the beginning of the day.  If parents need to contact students during the day, please feel free to contact our office.

According to Board Policy 7:390, 

Student possession or use of cellular telephones, laser pointers or electronic, communication or entertainment devices is prohibited in the schools, on District property or on District-provided transportation unless the use or possession of such a device has first been expressly authorized by the building principal or the Superintendent/designee.

Parents will be asked to pick up cell phones if students are repeatedly not following expectations.


Check out the following Clubs that are taking place this year.

Meeting dates and times are listed on the school calendar.


Art Club  Sponsor: Erik Bostrom

Battle of the Books  Sponsors: Lori Mobley

Coding  Sponsor: Tim Yung

Cursive Club  Sponsor: Lauren Vidal

Drama  Sponsors: Lori Mobley, Nialae Muhammad

Fishing  Sponsor: Tim Yung

Fluid Power Challenge  Sponsors: Lauren Vidal, Shawn Kuhlemeier

French Club  Sponsor: Jessica Conway

FUSE  Sponsor: Tim Yung

Game Club  Sponsors: Monica Bhatia and Krishna Patel

GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science)  Sponsor: Shawn Kuhlemeier

Girls Empowering Girls  Sponsors: Melissa Hemzacek, Allyssa Massarelli

Interact  Sponsors: Melinda Perez and Julie Goolish

Math Team  Sponsor: Mike Cohen

National Geography Bee  Sponsors: Nina Gdowski, Jade Schwich

Photography Club  Sponsors: Lauren Vidal and Jessica Benavides

Pinterest Party  Sponsor: Jessica Benavides

Rocket Club  Sponsor: Jessica Hubly

Rube Goldberg  Sponsor: Lauren Vidal

Social Studies Movie Club  Sponsors: Nina Gdowski, Jade Schwich

Spanish Club  Sponsors: Heather Arizpe, Carlee Pagonis

Spanish Speech Club  Sponsor: Wendy Rojas

Trivia Club  Sponsor: Ashleigh Lewandowski

Yearbook  Sponsor: Chris Kissamis

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