Guidance Department

Confidentiality is important to the counseling process. Students and adults who work with the social workers/psychologist must feel that their concerns are being held in confidence. However, state law does mandate that parents/guardians will be notified if a student’s health and/or safety are a concern.

If you are a student and would like to request a call from a guidance team member, please complete a Student Guidance Request Form.

Student Guidance Request Form

If you are a parent and would like to request a call from a guidance team member, please complete a Parent Referral for Student Counseling form.

Parent Referral for Student Counseling


Social Worker
Ms. Olivia Thomas
[email protected]

Social Worker
Ms. Courtney Cutlip
[email protected]

Behavior Coach
Mrs. Krishna Marcelo
[email protected]

Behavior Coach
Rebecca Russell
[email protected]

School Psychologist
Mrs. Erin Gunsteen
[email protected]

Eisenhower Guidance Department provides support for 7th  and 8th grade students as well as their families.  The Guidance Program is designed to support academics, and social/emotional needs of all students.  

ALL students at Eisenhower can receive support in

  • Coping skills
  • Peer relationships
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Academic support
  • Easing the transition into junior high and high school
  • Bullying
  • Anger management
  • And more

PARENTS can receive support in 

  • Addressing home and school concerns
  • Homework
  • Peer relationships
  • Community counseling referrals
  • Community assistance

How can you make use of the guidance program at Eisenhower?

  • Students can pick up a request form in the main office.
  • A staff member may refer a student.
  • Parents can call the guidance department.

Community Resources

District 54 Community Closet and Food Pantry

District 54 offers a community closet and food pantry for our students and their families who are in need of free clothes or food.  You can obtain access to the community closet and food pantry by contacting Eisenhower’s Guidance Department.

Area Food Pantries

  • Schaumburg Township: 847-884-0030
  • Catholic Charities  (Des Plaines): 847-376-2100
  • Barrington Township: 847-381-5632
  • Willow Creek  (Hoffman Estates): 847-882-3663
  • Harvest Bible Chapel: 847-398-7005

Financial and Housing Assistance

  • CEDA: 847-392-2332
  • Catholic Charities: 847-376-2110 (Des Plaines)
  • WINGS: 847-951-8670
  • Schaumburg Township: 847-884-0030
  • Hanover Township: 630-540-9085
  • Willow Creek: 847-882-3663
  • Centro de Informacion: 630 550-5131
  • Salvation Army: 847-348-7395
  • Center of Concern: (847)823-0453

Teen Services

  • Hoffman Estates Park District:  847-885-7500
  • Schaumburg Park District:  847-985-2115
  • The Barn Teen Center:  847-524-3388
  • Kenneth Young Center: 847-524-8800

Prescription Services