September 28, 2023
Fall Fest Dance:  

We are very excited to be hosting our first dance of the year to celebrate the fall season. School appropriate costumes are accepted.

Date:  October 27

Time:  6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Expectations for students to attend:  

No Majors, No more than 3 minors: Sept 27 till Oct 27

(Once you earn a 4th minor, you are ineligible) 


No more than 5 missing assignments–  Parents are sent an email each Wednesday of missing assignments if students are missing 3 or more. Students are provided after school study to catch up on missing work. 

PE Shoes:  

Students must wear tennis shoes when participating in PE.  It is important for students to wear appropriate shoes for safety when participating in sports.   This is also part of their participation grade.  

Kleenex Shortage:

We are only a month into our school year and we are already running out of kleenex.  If you are willing to donate an extra box, please have your child give the donation to their advocacy teacher. 

Future Hawks and Families

 Hoffman Estates High School invites you to attend any of our events this fall. Including our upcoming football games.  We believe this is a great opportunity to understand what it means to be a Hawk.  Please note that non Hoffman Estates High School students 14 or under must be accompanied by an adult throughout any event. Non-HEHS students 14 or under will not be allowed entry without an accompanying adult.

 Eisenhower PTA

 PTA Meeting

We had a great turnout at our first PTA meeting this week. Thank you to all of the parents that came out! Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 17th at 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!


Thank you to all the parents who have already joined the PTA this year – we appreciate you so much! Joining the PTA does not mean you have to volunteer (although we’d love the help). Simply becoming a member also helps support the PTA in our mission to help the school and your students. Consider joining by completing the paper form sent home with your student in their gray “take home folder”, or in our online store. Memberships are $8 and are open to any parent, guardian, staff member or community member.


Our first emails have gone out to our current volunteer list. These events would not happen without your support. If you would like to be on our email list to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please email [email protected].

 Hot Lunch

Our first hot lunch from Dairy Queen is today! Thanks to our volunteers helping deliver the lunch to your students, we appreciate you. You can still order on our online store for our future hot lunch dates. Our October lunch can be ordered until October 12th.

 Nurses Corner:

PE Excuses: With written verification from you, your child may be excused from physical education or outdoor activities for up to three consecutive days following an illness or accident. Any restriction for more than three days requires written verification from a doctor detailing the length and type of restriction.

Students with a note from a doctor or parent requesting nonparticipation in PE due to an injury or illness shall be exempt from after-school activities.

Dental Exams:  7th and 8th Grade students DO NOT need a dental exam.

 Cough Drops: 

·       With written permission, signed by a parent/guardian, a student may carry a few cough drops to use during the school day.

·       Only send the amount of cough drops allowed per day (this is noted on the package instructions), this is typically 3 or 4 drops.  Do not send the full bag of cough drops. 

·       If cough drops are needed for an extended period of time, SD54 Medication Forms must be completed.