November 21, 2023

Dear Parents,

As we are entering into a week of gratitude, we would like to thank all of our families for their continued partnership in supporting our students.  We hope everyone has a wonderful week of connecting with friends and family.  Please remember that there is no school next week for students.  

Have an amazing week next week,
Heather and Julie


MAP Testing:
We will begin MAP testing on Novemebr 27 when students return from the Thanksgiving break. Please try to schedule appointments outside of this window of time. 
Math:  Nov 27-29
LA:  Dec. 4-6

Sporting Season

As we are beginning our sporting season for boys’ basketball, Poms, and cheerleading, here are a few reminders….

  • Athletes must follow our PBIS expectations throughout the day 
  • Any athlete receiving a major referral will result in not being able to participate in the next game.
  • Athletes must get to class on time.
  • Athletes with 3 or more missing assignments will miss practice and complete the work in homework club.  Once complete, athletes can go to practice.
  • Athletes receiving  two Ds or an F will be able to participate in the following week’s games.  Ineligibility reports are printed on Monday.  Coaches will remind students on Monday if they make the ineligibility list. Students have until Thursday by the end of the day to bring grades up.  Another list is printed on Thursday evening. Students who continue to be on the Thursday list will not be eligible to play. 
  • Athletes and spectators who stay after the late bus, must be picked up on time. 

Spectator Expectations:

  • Students must meet eligibility requirements to stay after for the game.
  • Students who want to be a student spectator will sign up at lunch.  Our office will determine from this list the students who are eligible to stay.  A ticket will be issued to the students who can stay with a stamp of approval.  Students must show their ticket to the supervisors in the cafeteria to be omitted in the game. Students must be responsible to keep their tickets.
  • Students cannot leave the building first and then return to the game later. They must go to the cafeteria at the end of the day.
  • Students that did not make the eligible list due to behaviors or missing work may not enter the game at any time with or without a parent.  
  • A student who returns to the building must be on the eligibility list and must have their own parent or guardian present.  We kindly ask that parents only enter the game and offer to supervise their own children.  

Attendance:  If your child is staying home, please make sure to call our school office by 8:00 am.  Please call 847-357- 5502.  Students who are not called in are marked unexcused. 

Eisenhower PTA

Hot Lunch
Thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped serve our Hot Lunch today. We appreciate you! Our next Hot Lunch will be from Popeye’s on December 15th. You can order online on our website until December 7th.
Cards for a Cause
Our latest PTA fundraiser, Cards for a Cause, kicked off yesterday, with a flyer sent home with your student. We know those flyers do not always make it home, so we wanted to include a link to our website as well. These cards are of great quality. And let’s be real – we are all so busy and sometimes can forget about a birthday or occasion we meant to get a card for earlier. This card box helps busy parents out! Consider purchasing a box today and supporting Ike in the process. Orders are due to the school 11/26.
Thank you to all the parents who have already joined the PTA this year – we appreciate you so much! Joining the PTA does not mean you have to volunteer (although we’d love the help). Simply becoming a member also helps support the PTA in our mission to help the school and your students. Consider joining by completing the paper form sent home with your student in their gray “take home folder” at the beginning of the year, or in our online storeMemberships are $8 and are open to any parent, guardian, staff member or community member.
Save the Date
We are trying something new in December – a “shopping” fundraiser. We know December is prime shopping season for many, and rather than a typical restaurant dine out day, we will be shopping at Five Below to support Ike. Save the date from 12/2-12/10, and plan your holiday shopping for that week. The fundraiser requires you to have a printed flyer when you shop in the Schaumburg store on Golf Rd., which will be sent home with your student after the Thanksgiving break, or you can download and print on our website. Thank you for considering to support Ike and your students!