August 13, 2021

Principal’s Message

Dear Eisenhower Families,

It was so exciting to see so many students and families join us for Information Day! Seeing our students being able to connect with their peers was so heartwarming.  We want to thank all of our families for being true partners with us as we get our students back to school.  This year, Eisenhower’s mission is to create a culture of dignity and belonging.  We are committed to fostering an environment where all stakeholders feel connected, valued, and respected.  
A few reminders for the upcoming school year…..

1st Day of School
The first full day of school on Monday, August 16 and will be for ALL students.  This day is designated for seventh and eighth grade students to help them get acclimated and comfortable with Eisenhower Junior High.  On the first day of school, our staff will greet students outside. Students should come with a copy of their schedules (we will have copies for those students that do not have one.  Students who do not have a schedule will go directly to the cafeteria when they enter the building.)

School begins at 7:40 am.  Students should arrive around 7:20 am to 7:25 am to ensure they are in their classrooms and ready to start.  Share with your child that they should look for their Advocacy teacher’s classroom. Staff will be available in the hallway to support students. As a reminder, all students are required to wear a mask in the building. Monday will focus on teaching students our school’s PBIS expectations.  

Students that are provided bus transportation will enter the front doors.  Walkers will enter through the back doors.  Please make sure to drop off walkers according to the map below.  Parents must drive down Carling Road to enter the east parking lot.

Please have your child bring their full charged chromebook, school supplies, water bottle and lunch to school.  Students will utilize their backpacks throughout the day to carry necessary items.

Backpacks – No lockers

As we transition all students back to in person learning this school year, students will use backpacks to carry all possessions with them throughout the school day. To maintain social distancing in the hallways, students will not be receiving a locker at the start of the year.  In the first days of school, teachers will discuss what items students should bring for class each day and what can be left at home or in the classroom.
Physical Education
To begin the year, students will not be changing into PE clothes for Physical Education class. We will be providing a t-shirt to each student that they can use as spirit wear. As students will still be active, there will be many days when our Physical Education staff will require students to wear gym shoes for PE class. In the fall, we will be taking the students outside as much as possible. Please encourage your child to dress for the weather.  As long as they practice social distancing, students and staff are not required to wear masks outside.

Pick up and Drop off
 The Eisenhower’s parking lot is closed before and after school to cars when buses are present. During these periods (7:25 to 7:35 am and 2:05 to 2:25 pm), parents are asked to pick up/drop off students in the west parking lot.  Please do not turn down Rosedale Road.  Village ordinance requires drivers to take Carling Road to Rosedale.  Walkers will enter through the back doors.
Late Bus Runs
 Starting Thursday, August 19th, we will have three late bus runs. The buses leave at 4 pm every weekday except Wednesdays. Maps are posted in the hallways near the door to help students figure out which bus to take. Early in the year, club and sports supervisors will assist the students in determining their late bus.
Cross Country and Girls Basketball
 Cross Country and Girls Basketball start this coming Thursday, August 19th. Students interested in any extracurricular sport in District 54 must have a current sports physical on file with the nurse, along with concussion protocol forms signed to tryout/participate. Cross country is a no cut sport, open to anyone that likes to run and have fun! Girl’s basketball is a cut sport.