Principal’s Message July-August

Posted July 27th, 2016 by J. Kasinger

Dear Eisenhower community,

I hope that you are doing well and have survived the hot temperatures that we have seen lately.  Although the summer has not come to an end yet, I know that parents and students are getting excited about next year and are starting to have questions.  Later this week you will be receiving a letter in the mail giving you more information.  Below you will find a list of important dates for your calendar.

I hope that this information helps you in making end of the summer decisions.

Important Dates

  • August 11 Information day, there are two sessions (9-11 and 6-8).  Please select one of the two sessions to attend.  This is when you will pay fees, receive your child’s schedule and be able to purchase PE uniforms.  Please remember that this year we will not be selling school supplies at the Information Day.  I know that many of the stores have just begun their school supplies sales.  I encourage you to take advantage of the selection and sales taking place.  Please go to our website if you need another copy of the supply list.
  • August 16 and 17 Parent Chrome Meeting, there are four sessions (10-11 and 6-7 on each of the days)  This year our students will be receiving a Chrome Book to enhance our instruction.  Please remember that all parents and students must attend one of our sessions.  You do not need to preregister for this event, please pick one of the sessions that fits your schedule.  Please know that your child will not be able to receive their Chrome Book until parent and student have attend a session.
  • August 22 First day of school for 7th grade only.  It is our custom to have 7th grade students start a day before the 8th graders.  This allows us the opportunity to help them adjust to a new school and learn how to use their combination locker and transition from class to class.
  • August 23 First day of school for 8th grade students.  On Tuesday, August 23rd our 8th graders will be joining our 7th graders at school.  Teachers will begin the journey with our 8th graders helping them to acclimate to the new school year and their new schedule.
  • August 31 Picture Day.  Picture Day comes early for us this year.  Students will have their picture taken on August 31st during their PE class.

Once again I hope that these highlights help you in your summer planning.  Remember that at Eisenhower we are driven, we are determined, and we are built Eisenhower tough!

See you soon!

Steve Kern

8th grade summer reading assignment

Posted July 12th, 2016 by J. Kasinger

Good morning 8th grade parents and students,

We hope that you are doing well and that our students are enjoying the start of their summer vacation.  As you know it is extremely important for our students to maintain their reading skills.  Below please find information from the 8th grade Language Arts teachers regarding a summer reading assignment.

See you in August!

Steve Kern and Brandon Todd


Hello Parents,

Happy Summer!

Students entering 8th grade in Fall 2016 (current 7th graders) are assigned a Summer Reading Project.  The project was distributed to the students in their 7th grade Language Arts classes on Tuesday, May 31st.  The students watched book trailers for some of the books on Wednesday, June 1st during Advocacy.

Attached to this e-mail are three files:

1. Directions Reading_Directions.pdf

2. Junior High Reading List (note – all books on this list are available for check-out from the Schaumburg Library) Junior_High_Reading List 16-17.pdf

3. Reading Assignment Reading_Assignment.pdf

Please print the attached assignment file if your child was absent or has lost their copy.

This assignment is due Friday, August 26th and will be the first grade in the grade book for language arts class.  There is an incentive for any student that brings in a completed assignment to the first day of 8th grade on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Please review the attachments for additional instructions and information regarding the assignment.

Happy reading :)


8th Grade Language Arts Teachers

Mrs. Schulze, Mrs. Henry, Mr. Kissamis, and Ms. Portante

School Supplies List

Posted May 18th, 2016 by J. Kasinger

2016-2017 Supply List

This year parents and students will not be able to pre-purchase school supply kits through the school or the PTA for the 2016-17 school year.  Our staff has been working to determine what changes we needed to make to the supply list to ensure that parents were not being asked to purchase supplies that would not be used.  Unfortunately companies that provided school supply kits needed these lists much earlier in the year to ensure that parents would get discounts that would match those offered during the summer.  We are letting you know about this now so that you are able to take advantage of any school supply sales as they come up during the summer. Attached is the supply list for next year.

6th Grade Parent Presentation

Posted December 5th, 2015 by Mr. Kern

I would like to thank all of the parents of our 6th graders who were able to attend the parent presentation this week.  We hope that we were able to help start a positive transition for you and your child(ren) as you start to think about Junior High school.  Obviously we have plenty of time to just enjoy our 6th grade elementary year.  We do however, need to make sure that we receive your child’s Elective Selection form by December 11th.  We also ask that you encourage your child to do their best on the MAP tests that they take this year.  The MAP tests are important in that they determine if students are placed into an acceleration class as well as guiding the which math level your child will be taking next year.  The elective selection form helps us to connect them with electives that they are going to enjoy.

Attached is the powerpoint that we shared at the parent presentation. 6th Grade Parent Night Presentation 2015-16 Website

As always please let me know if you have any questions which might help you in your planning for the transition.

Steve Kern