Eisenhower PTA seeks officers, volunteers for next year

Are you are interested in nominating someone — or maybe yourself! — to the Eisenhower Junior High School PTA board?

Do you know any parents who are ready to move on to junior high PTA? PTA doesn’t end at seventh grade. What’s great about volunteering at this stage is that you meet a whole new crop of parents who came up in neighboring elementary schools and bring great ideas that maybe you never tried at your elementary school. Our current board is made up of parents from Churchill, MacArthur and Armstrong. And some of them are on their second kids or are eighth-grade parents, so they can give guidance to us “Sevie” parents about junior high and high school. Yes, seventh-graders are called Sevies. See what you learned already?

We are asking for officer nominations to be sent back to us by March 13.

Thank you for your time and your years of volunteering in the PTA. The Eisenhower community welcomes you this fall as your sons and daughters become Eagles!

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Eisenhower Junior High School PTA Executive Committee Officers 2017

Volunteers needed!

Do you have an hour to volunteer? The Eisenhower PTA needs you:

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