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Students are allowed to bring a water bottle and snacks with them to school.  However, to reduce potential mess, we do encourage students to leave their water bottles and snacks in their lockers.  Students are allowed to bring clear reusable water bottles and a small snack with them throughout the day including in classrooms at the teacher’s discretion.  Please ensure your child’s water bottle has a secure lid and is transparent or semi-transparent to allow us to see the beverage inside the water bottle.  Store bought recycled bottles are not permitted in classrooms. Please ensure that your child’s snack follows the following guidelines:

  •  Snacks must be nut-free to promote an inclusive learning environment sensitive to our fellow student’s allergies.

  • We encourage students to bring healthy snacks.

  • Aside from fruit, the snacks must be a prepackaged, single serving item (smaller than the size of a fist).

  • The snack should not be a distraction to the learning environment.

  • Students are not allowed to bring meals into the classroom to eat.  This includes fast food items which are a distraction to the learning environment.

  • If dropping off a lunch, please make sure it is dropped off before your child’s lunch period.