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Check out the following Clubs that are taking place this year.

Meeting dates and times are listed on the school calendar.


Art Club  Sponsor: Erik Bostrom

Battle of the Books  Sponsors: Lori Mobley

Coding  Sponsor: Tim Yung

Cursive Club  Sponsor: Lauren Vidal

Drama  Sponsors: Lori Mobley, Nialae Muhammad

Fishing  Sponsor: Tim Yung

Fluid Power Challenge  Sponsors: Lauren Vidal, Shawn Kuhlemeier

French Club  Sponsor: Jessica Conway

FUSE  Sponsor: Tim Yung

Game Club  Sponsors: Monica Bhatia and Krishna Patel

GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science)  Sponsor: Shawn Kuhlemeier

Girls Empowering Girls  Sponsors: Melissa Hemzacek, Allyssa Massarelli

Interact  Sponsors: Melinda Perez and Julie Goolish

Math Team  Sponsor: Mike Cohen

National Geography Bee  Sponsors: Nina Gdowski, Jade Schwich

Photography Club  Sponsors: Lauren Vidal and Jessica Benavides

Pinterest Party  Sponsor: Jessica Benavides

Rocket Club  Sponsor: Jessica Hubly

Rube Goldberg  Sponsor: Lauren Vidal

Social Studies Movie Club  Sponsors: Nina Gdowski, Jade Schwich

Spanish Club  Sponsors: Heather Arizpe, Carlee Pagonis

Spanish Speech Club  Sponsor: Wendy Rojas

Trivia Club  Sponsor: Ashleigh Lewandowski

Yearbook  Sponsor: Chris Kissamis